"I am sorry to report that Talkspot has shut down"
This page explains why we shut down: www.talkspot.com/shutdown

The website you are seeking was hosted by a company (called Talkspot) that has gone out of business. 

I realize this may be confusing, but the company you are seeking is probably still in business and doing fine. They may not be aware that their website has been lost. If you speak with anyone please alert them to this so that their website can be restored.

Apologies for the inconvenience!

Email Ken Williams (Talkspot's former owner) at kenw@talkspot.com.. He "may" be able to put your site back online for a few days while you move the site elsewhere.

The fastest way to get going again is to speak with an ex employee of Talkspot, Chad Parent, at chad@designedge.ca (www.designedge.ca). Chad is set up to quickly and inexpensively move your site to another website provider.  

We did everything possible to alert everyone whose sites were hosted at Talkspot including sending emails to the registered site administrator. Unfortunately, in today's world not all emails get through, and many are ignored. It's hard to write an email that doesn't look like spam. The Talkspot website has said for a month that we are shutting down. We are sorry you didn't get the message, but it is what it is.

There are dozens of website hosting companies. You will need to start a new site with one of them. We hear good things about Wix, Weebly, Wordpress, Squarespace and others -- but, have never tried them (except Wordpress). 

If you have a website address that ends with ".talkspot.com" .. then you will not be able to keep your website address. 

If you have a "www" address, like "www.YourWebsite.com", then you CAN keep your website address.

Talkspot has a long list of domains (website addresses) that we purchased on behalf of our customers and have been renewing from year to year. If you want to keep yours you need to let us know ASAP, as we will not be renewing them. Your name will be lost forever if it comes up for renewal before we transfer your domain to you (they renew annually). 

To keep your domain we need you to have a Godaddy account we can transfer it to. 

Godaddy.com will not charge you anything to establish an account. Once you have the account established email Ken Williams (kenw@talkspot.com) and give him the email address you used to set up the account, and the account number.  You'll receive an email from Godaddy within 24 hours asking you to approve the transfer, and then Godaddy will charge you approx $12 / year from then on to renew the name.

With 20/20 hindsight there is a lot that should have been done differently. But, oh well. Talkspot was a great product and should have made it. It is SAD...  

Yes. Talkspot's email server is also shutdown. You need to find someone new to host your email. I've been impressed with Gmail. You might want to contact them. If you sign up for their $12/month plan they have a data migration utility that can move your existing email. 

If you sign up with someone new and want to migrate your existing email, send an email to Ken (kenw@talkspot.com). He will put your email back online long enough for you to move it.

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