Getting rid of spam

If you have a Talkspot Pro account, and are using Talkspot’s email server to host your business or personal email accounts, you may have noticed something annoying – SPAM! We do run spam-filters and without our efforts you’d be getting a lot more spam. That said…. If you are like me, even a couple spam emails in your mail box can be frustrating. The problem is that many of the emails I receive are business related and I can’t risk having some overly-aggressive anti-spam program eating my email...
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[Talkspot] Are websites still relevant?

Why would a small business want a website if they are already on Facebook?
I was talking to someone the other day and mentioned that I make software for people that want to do their own websites. Their question was, “Why would I want a website?” If you type that question into Google you’ll find dozens of articles with titles like “21 reasons you need a website” or “Why you MUST have a website today.” I read through those articles and virtually everything I read is out of date. Times have changed. My friend responded, “I don’t need a website. I am already on Faceboo...
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[Talkspot] New Multi-blog Feature – free content and traffic for your website

Not everyone knows what a multi-blog is
This week, I am sharing something on my personal blog site that has brought me more traffic and increased my likelihood to show up on google search engine results. My personal site is a boating website which highlights our adventures as my wife and I explore the world on our 68’ power boat. My blog, hosted on Talkspot, has had nearly 5 million visitors! But even with this, more traffic never hurts. I’m always looking for ways to bring more traffic to my site. A few weeks ago...
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Talkspot upgrades and latest features

Talkspot is constantly adding new features and upgrading existing systems to advance our customer's web presence and usability. We have added many new things just recently such as Advanced Layout options for blog1 postings, a new RSS Widget and Twitter postings direct from your blog1 blog! For those of you with the older blog, there is something in the works that may allow us to convert your old blog to the new blog1 blog platform. Only an administrator such as myself will be able to run it beca...
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