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Getting rid of spam

If you have a Talkspot Pro account, and are using Talkspot's email server to host your business or personal email accounts, you may have noticed something annoying SPAM! We do run spam-filters and without our efforts you'd be getting a lot more spam.

That said. If you are like me, even a couple spam emails in your mail box can be frustrating. The problem is that many of the emails I receive are business related and I can't risk having some overly-aggressive anti-spam program eating my email. For me, lost emails mean lost money.

To fight spam on my email account I discovered a service that I've used for about a year. My wife started using it a few months ago. Since then I've told several other people about it and all are happy.

First, a disclaimer. Neither I or Talkspot has any relationship with this company. They don't know I'm posting this blog entry. I have no relationship other than being a happy customer, and am only writing this because I want to help Talkspot's customers.


With that preamble..

Check out:

All email sent to me is routed through them before it gets to my mailbox. Only the email that passes their spam filter is forwarded. Then, daily, I receive an email from them with a list of the subject lines (and senders) of all the email they held onto. If I see any emails that I want I can request a preview viewing, and then any that I would like resent I click a button and they arrive in my email seconds later, and the sender is marked as "good" going forward.

The beauty of doing it this way is that emails with viruses never get to my computer. This is much different than most anti-spam and anti-virus software that doesn't catch the problem until after it is inside your computer. And .. in my case, because I've had the same email address for a decade, it is stopping hundreds of emails a day from clogging up my email. Before I signed up it was totally impractical to check email on my iphone, but now all is good.

They do charge money, and like I said, we have nothing to do with them. I'm not exactly sure what they charge, but I just asked on behalf of one of talkspot's customers, and it was only going to be $2/month for the couple I was talking to.

If you sign up, email us (Talkspot) at We'll make the changes we need to at our end. No charge. The spam filtering happens within a couple hours.

I'm not sure whether or not their service works if you don't have Talkspot hosting your email. I think it does with some email hosting companies, but not all.


Ken Williams


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