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Step by step: How to VLOG with Otto

If you are interesting in including video in your blog entries, and are using Otto (You would know if you are…) Then make sure you read this. There is some good information!

VLOGing with Otto
VLOGing with Otto

If you aren’t familiar with Otto, and are blogging, then I encourage you to learn more. Information can be found on this page:

The new trend in blogging seems to be Video-blogging, or VLOG-ing. There are some blogs that ONLY contain video and are based on Vimeo or Youtube. These are what are typically referred to by the term VLOGing.

Otto assumes you have a blog that mixes both text and video, or that you have a mailing list and want to send the video to your mailing list.

The quick overview is that you:

• First put your video (or, videos) onto YouTube or Vimeo.
• Start a new blog entry with Otto
• Send an email to Otto telling him about your videos
• Reference the videos in your blog text

Otto will generate a thumbnail for your videos and include a link to them within your blog entry.

I recently did a small test of video on my personal blog. Here is a link to that blog entry:

Following are the actual sequence of emails I sent to Otto which resulted in that blog entry:

Starting the blog entry
Title:[Kensblog] Testing the use of video in my blog entries – Flying Kenmore Air

Tell Otto where the video is
Blog-entry: 33

Upload my text and request a preview
Greetings all!

I want to experiment with including some video in my blog entries this summer. This is just a quick test of some poorly hacked together video that I shot recently while traveling home from the boat on Kenmore Air. This was strictly a test to see how the video would look on Youtube, and how it would appear in the blog entry.

So … don’t expect much…. I spent perhaps 10 minutes on editing, and it shows…

[video 1: Flying home from Roche Harbor on Kenmore Air]

My plan is to take the drone with us to the boat and try to get some cool footage. That said … I’m always worried that I’ll send the drone crashing into the water and reluctant to take running shots. If I ever lose communications with the drone it will return to where it was launched. This is fine when launching from land, but on a boat which is running, it doesn’t work out so well…

Roberta and I are planning to be on the boat cruising our way north along the British Columbia Canadian coast through July, August and into September. We’re not at all sure where we’ll be or how long we’ll cruise, but are certainly looking forward to it!


Ken Williams
N6805, Sans Souci
- - - -
Customer :16765
Request :blog-preview
Blog-entry :33
Quality :high


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