Blogging By Email

If you don't already have a website with us, the first step is to choose a template. The quickest method is to choose a template from our blogging category. However, you can choose from any category you like. All of our templates have the same functionality, and you can add a blog to any of them.

For more on how to make a website

About Blogging By Email With Talkspot

There are two ways to blog with Talkspot. This page goes over the two methods of blogging by email. However, you can also blog directly from your website. 

For instructions on blogging from your website CLICK HERE

Lets Get Started

Below are answers to some common questions to help you get started. 
  • First make sure you are logged into your website. You'll know you are logged in if you see the editing (Widgets) menu at the top of your screen. 
  • You will know if there is a blog on the web-page you are on if you see the 'BLOG' icon appear on the Widgets Menu.

Method #1 - Blogging with Otto

Otto is your virtual blogging assistant. You just email Otto commands and he formats and posts your Blog Articled (Entries) for you.

Otto is a computer program that manages blogging by email at Otto's job is to assist you in preparing blog entries and posting them to your blog on your website. Otto only responds to requests via email. 

Otto has a file cabinet in which he stores blog entries, and you can make requests to Otto such as:
  • "Here are some pictures for my blog entry"
  • "Here is some text for my blog entry"
  • "Please post my blog on Facebook"
  • "Please send out my blog entry to my mailing list."

  • Otto is great in low bandwidth situations. If you can send an email, you can post a blog article (entry). 
  • Otto allows you to preview blog entries before posting them to your blog. Otto will email you a copy to preview. 
  • Otto gives you a lot of formatting control over your blog article, with Otto you can add:
    • Headings
    • Bold Face & Italic Text
    • Indent & Center Text
    • Borders Around Text
    • Insert Pictures
    • Create Tables & Lists
    • And More!

Please watch this short video tutorial showing where to find the Otto Instruction Manual

Method #2 -Simple Email

  • 100% email-based solution for blogging
  • If you can send an email, you post to your blog

Please watch this short video tutorial

  • Uses simple email commands
  • Less to learn than posting with Otto
  • Easy to learn and get started

  • Less formatting control
  • Doesn't support maps & videos

Please watch this short video tutorial showing where to find the Simple Email Instruction Manual 

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