Website Features

Professionally Designed Templates

Choose your template from our library of professionally-designed website themes. All of our templates are fully customizable. You can change the page layouts, styles, colors, fonts, backgrounds and much more with just a few simple clicks.

Search Engine Optimization Tools (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the term used to describe the overall strategy for getting your website found and ranked properly in search results.


Easily Connect Your Website to

Social Media Sites

The use of social media has powerful effects on generating site traffic. Talkspot has built-in tools to connect your social media accounts to your website, giving you a better chance of tapping into social media’s power to drive users to your site.

An Infinite Array of Options

Your Blog Your Way

Create a personalized blog or travelogue and share your experiences with your friends, family and colleagues. Blog from an internet cafe, from the middle of the Pacific, from your home. Post entries to thousands of people on your own mailing list, or push a button to post to Social Media in seconds.

Blow Them Away

Imagine how impressive it would be to greet visitors to your website or blog with a full page video. There is nothing like making a great first impression! Choose from our preloaded selection or upload your own.


Want your logo to spin onto the page? Or, would you like the advertisement for your product to wobble every 10 seconds in order to make sure it isn't missed? In seconds you can turn a picture or text into something that leaps off the page.

Collect Money!

Want to sell your paintings on the internet? Collect credit cards, debit cards, PayPal? If you operate a charitable institution, would you like to be able to easily accept monthly donations? In seconds you can add a widget to your screen which allows for one-time or recurring payments.

Social Media

Easily add "like" and "share" buttons to your site for the popular Social Media. Share blog entries to Social Media.

Google Maps

Use Google Maps as a reference point to provide directions to your home or business location (or multiple locations), or map your travels across town or across the world.

Tap Into Free Content and Syndicate Your Own

Hundreds of thousands of websites support something called an "RSS Feed." These feeds are free content that can easily be added to your website or blog. This content is updated continually and can be selected to be information that will keep people coming back to your site. For example, if you publish a blog on car repair, you can add the news feeds for the major car makers. And, an RSS feed for your blog will be provided automatically, allowing anything you write to appear on other websites around the world.

Forms, Polls and Surveys

Engage people who visit your website or blog. Would you like to conduct an instant survey? Do you run a homeowner's association and want to conduct a vote? Or, do you just want to give visitors to your site a simple way to ask you questions? We provide a powerful survey capability that lets you instantly know what visitors are thinking.

Message Boards / Forums

A great way to cut customer support costs is to allow customers to help other customers. Add a discussion forum to your website in seconds. You can use it as a way to disseminate information and allow visitors to your website to provide feedback, or it can be a powerful way to create a sense of community around your products or services.


Add real-time weather to your website or blog. The Weather Widget gets its local weather data from the Weather Channel® so you know it’s always up to date.

Share Documents

Do you have product manuals you want to make available for download? PowerPoint presentations? PDF files? Easily construct list of downloadable files.

E-mail Marketing Tools

Grow your business with Talkspot's Email Marketing Suite. Select from a variety of email marketing templates to create sophisticated outbound email newsletters, product announcements, special offers and more. Sending outbound mail helps you stay in touch with your customers and boost sales.

Generate a Contact List of Your Users

Create a summary of all your users' emails, last and first names or any other information you collect on the registration form. This is a great way to share contact information for members or a board of directors.

You Decide Who Has Access

You have control over the content on your website or blog. You decide who you want to give access, and the parts of your site visitors can access. Multiple levels of security are offered including the ability to individually approve each person who wants access.

Gift Certificate System

Create your own gift certificates and sell them on your website. All Gift Certificates are logged in a database and tracked until they are redeemed. You can choose from several different certificate formats and customize them to your brand.

Newsletter Registration

Visitors can register for your newsletter or blog updates. Mailing List Registration is a great way to collect email addresses for communicating with your visitors. If you send out a weekly blog article or promotional newsletter, the Newsletter Registration Widget is an invaluable tool for building your audience base.

Site Search

Integrate Google's Custom Search capability into your website. Provide visitors to your website or blog a Google search box which gives instant access to all of the content on your website (and, NOT your competitors' websites.)

Site Navigation

Our goal is to help you create a website or blog you won't outgrow. You may start with a simple two or three page website, or a blog with only a hand full of articles but, over time, these things tend to grow. We automatically create calendar-based indexes for your blog, making finding old blog entries fast/easy. If you want to add pages to your website, we help you create one or more menus (the menu bar at the top of the screen) that can be organized any way you want, and we give you ultimate control over how they look.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Easily embed pictures in blog articles or add them to your website. Add captions. Animate the pictures! We give you easy tools to be creative, and make it easy for you to import pictures you find on the web, or on places like Flickr.

Image Editing

Easily crop, resize and rotate images. Adjust the brightness, hue and contrast. Add transparency or “reflection” effects to give them impact, add drop shadows, rounded corners, blur the edges and more.

Nothing to Download

All of our tools are cloud-based. This means there is nothing to download or install on your computer. It also means that we are mobile friendly. Want to post articles to your website or blog from your tablet or cell phone -- of course you can!

Photo Galleries

Do you have a series of family photos you'd like to share? Vacation pictures? Are you proud of a home you just built and want to showcase your work? Are you a landscaper who wants to show what you are capable of? We give you an easy way to create and display galleries. We use an intelligent system for displaying the pictures that adapts to the device so that viewers on mobile devices can easily use touch to flip through the pictures. We provide an infinite stream of display options and picture effects. It is important that your pictures look amazing when displayed!

Powerful Editor

Editing content for your site can be as easy as using a word processor. That is all that most people need. However, we recognize that many of you are power users and will not be satisfied unless you have full control. We give full access to the underlying HTML and allow you to edit it directly (if you want.) We also provide a special widget, called the JavaScript Widget, which gives you the ability to insert anything you want directly into the webpages. Want to embed some third party functionality? Go for it! We have bootstrap, jQuery and more at your full disposal.


It's quick and easy to add YouTube and Vimeo videos to your website using our Video Widget. You can add a single video or multiple videos.


Easily add a song player to your website. Showcase your band's music! You can add full playlists if you want, and automatically (or not) start the music when someone visits your site.

Continual Enhancement

We have websites and blogs that date back ten years or more. Those same webpages or blog articles that were being displayed on desktop computers are now being displayed in a fully "responsive" manner on today's mobile devices. We work behind the scenes to see that your website or blog stays current with tomorrow's technologies.


Want to publish a calendar with upcoming events? Want to alert people to where you'll be, and when? Easily add a calendar to your website with events that you create. Advertise when the next HOA meeting will be, or just share the holiday schedule. We give you the tools to realize your vision.

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